We Cannot Ignore The Noble Role Played by Women in Humanitarian Work.

The world humanitarian day is held yearly by the United Nations Assembly on August 19 th . This
is a day to recognize humanitarian personnel and individuals who have lost their lives working
for humanitarian causes. This year’s event pays tribute and strengthens the role of women
humanitarians around the world.
A good is example is of a lady who deserves recognition in her humanitarian works from Kenya
: Ms. Fauziya Abdi Ali. She is the founder and president of Women in International Security
(WIIS) as well as the chair of Sisters without Borders; two organizations that are involved in
international peace building and security.
Ms. Fauziya is a devoted advocate for women involvement in peace and security. She has also
worked extensively in prevention of violent extremism. One of the first projects in Countering
Violent Extremism in East Africa was developed and implemented by her a decade ago. She has
a passion for socio economic and political empowerment of women which has given her a deep
understanding the effects of violent extremism on women, children and their families. In her
efforts, she has been successful in developing projects that deal with women and youth
programming, peace building and conflict resolution.
She has written several articles on counter terrorism and prevention of violent extremism while
also being a frequent speaker of the same. She has also worked with different other organizations
dealing with prevention of violent extremism in governance, peace building and conflict
transformation. Her efforts spread across countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia,
Somalia and Tanzania.
There are so many other women who have made tremendous efforts in peace building and other
humanitarian activities such as providing food to displaced individuals in times of war; or
providing shelter to the refugees. In the world today, there are about 250,000 women aid
workers, which is 40% of the total humanitarian aid workforce.
Despite their good intentions, women humanitarians face a high risk of being involved in
robbery, sexual violence and other forms of violence. This is especially considering their works
are mostly in areas of war or disaster, which are usually chaotic and lawless and the level of
security provided to them is normally inadequate.
This has however not deterred them from carrying out their duties. Everyday remarkable stories
of women doing their part in humanitarian work emerge. The world humanitarian day for 2019 is
especially important as it recognizes and celebrates the efforts of these women. In many
occasions, the efforts of women in various sectors have gone unnoticed and this day helps in
rectifying that.
We celebrate Fauziya!