The Importance of The Youth honing their Skills

It is World Youth Skills Day today, 15/07/2019. There are about 1.2 billion young people between the ages of 15-24, which is 16% of the total world population. The main objective of the World Youth Skills
Day is to encourage the youth to learn new skills which can be useful in the process of creation or development.

A major problem the world faces today is high levels of unemployment. Unfortunately, the youth are the most affected. The youths are three times more likely to be unemployed than the older individuals.
Young people also often get the lower quality jobs which are always lowly paying despite them longer hours at times. This all highlights the importance of acquiring new skills. Africa is a generally underdeveloped continent with most countries having high levels of unemployment amongst the youth. Most of the countries in Africa seek to achieve various development goals and the
acquisition of new skills by the youth, be it from vocational training or other sources of education, is
very crucial in that quest.

One of the causes of underdevelopment amongst African countries is insufficient skilled labor. It leads to lower levels of productivity which in turn slow the rate of development. Learning new skills helps
remedy this. A better skilled youth population is capable of performing various tasks that could lead to development and other national goals. Learning of skills also leads to innovation. This is very important because innovation is one crucial way through which a nation can achieve its development goals. It facilitates efficiency and productivity among individuals hence leading a nation closer to its development goals.

However, there are several challenges that the youth have faced in Africa which have led to the youth being less skilled than is desired. For instance, most of the nations in the continent use dated educations
systems which have a limited amount of skills the youth can acquire from them. This has led to a less diverse labor force hence the high levels of unemployment and the slower rates of development among
the nations. Another challenge is the lack of awareness on the importance of learning new skills. This has led to many youths in Africa not exploring their full potentials and as such a less skilled youth labor

African governments and the organizations working towards development should take the necessary steps to promote the acquisition of new skills by the youth. They should also put us programs that
would help the youth put the skills they acquire to good use so that they can all help in nation building and development. The theme for this year’s World Youth Skills Day is “Learning to learn for life and work.” The day focuses on the importance of technical and vocational training that would provide the youth with opportunities.