It’s a demanding world. Office deadlines. Rapid technological change. Changing social life. These are just but part of what characterizes this 21st century. The human race is always on the run to better their lives and plan for a more fulfilling future. However in all these plans and struggles, there is always one thing that usually left out, personal health.

We sacrifice for everything but our health. Lack of routine medical checkups, improper eating habits and lack of exercise can be very detrimental to your personal health and work. You cannot bring out an ‘A game’ if you your body decides to fight back.

Here are some habits that might improve your daily life and help keep you in the right shape, to become more creative and productive.


Sometimes we get engulfed into our daily routine so much that we lose track of our water intake. However you can make this a fun activity, get yourself a portable water bottle. Every morning before you leave the house, get your bottle, slice a few pieces of fruits (oranges, watermelon, lemon or pineapple) into bottle and add some water. Pack your water bottle on your way out to work. Sip your water in between your work schedule. Make this a daily habit. Those who don’t like drinking water this will make you fall in love with water. Drinking lots of water will also help you fight off snack cravings.


Take a break

Every now and then step away from your work area, take a walk, read a chapter of a book, solve a puzzle or even color in a coloring book. Yes adult coloring books are a thing. These activities will enable you relax, re-energize and time to embark on a new milestone.


Every meal counts

Kick-start your day with a satisfying breakfast that will keep you filled through the morning until lunch. A good breakfast will keep you energized and alert for the day’s schedule. At lunchtime, have a light meal that restores your energy, avoiding anything that will lead to a drowsy afternoon. Keep some healthy snacks next to you for when you’re feeling puckish.

Sleep will save your life

Getting enough sleep will keep you alert and more productive. It is possible to survive on little amounts of sleep but trust me, it will catch up to you. Try getting at least 6 hours of sleep.

Get organized

Plan out your day early in the morning. Write a list of tasks, cross off once you are done with each. You can decide to make some fun out of this by introducing a reward system. For every task cancelled out treat yourself to a piece of chocolate or do a squat.


The world needs a healthy you. Adopt a system that will enable you be healthy and at your best.