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The CARROT Co. is a collective of pan African artists - scholars and practitioners, working solely to support the development sector with creative communication bridging the gap between mass population and policy makers. Our aim is to simplify policies, amplify messages and dignify African lives through storytelling with emphasis on art, culture and indigenous knowledge.

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Since the WHO declared COVID19 as a global pandemic in January 2020, life has taken a new turn for many economies, industries, businesses, and most importantly, many  homes. African governments had taken  serious measures in mitigating the virus from spreading while following directives from  health experts and practitioners. Countries across the world shut their boarders, authorized hand-washing, mask wearing and social distancing campaigns in the most preferred and relatable local languages and  impose a total lockdown plus curfew.

As  citizens embrace this sudden change, some  are still battling it. The freedom to move around, seek inspiration from physical gathering and mental support  suddenly became a luxury. Children are struggling to adjust to home-schooling and  it’s restrictions and mothers are taking all the  heat. With this development, there has been a surge in domestic violence and rape cases in urban areas, rural communities and refugee settlements with very little effort from the government to bring to justice the perpetrators.

It’s time we demand justice, protection of our women. We urge all our partners and comrades in struggle to join us by engaging on this campaign by sharing the videos on twitterinstagram and youtube. We aim to raise awareness on the rise of domestic violence and encourage policy makers to enforce a domestic violence bill, and take immediately action in finding justice for the victims.

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